Savoy Hotel Rotterdam

The reopening of the Savoy Hotel Rotterdam was celebrated on Thursday 4 July. Since 1961, the Savoy Hotel Rotterdam has welcomed guests from home and abroad. The Savoy Hotel has undergone a major renovation in recent months and has since been reopened. During the festive reopening, Robèr Willemsen, chairman of the Royal Horeca Netherlands (KHN), took the floor. In addition to complimenting words to Eden Hotels, he also took this moment to argue for more respect for entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry and in the hotel industry in particular and to express his concerns about the Labor Market Balance Act (WAB) and the increase in the tourist tax.

Savoy Hotel Rotterdam

Savoy Hotel Rotterdam opened its doors in 1961, originally designed as a Womotel, a motel and accommodation for students, singles and childless couples, yet opened as a fully-fledged hotel. Located in the beating heart of Rotterdam, the hotel breathes the eventful history of the city with its retro interior and sixties design. Nowadays the city hotel is characterized as stubborn, personal, fresh and unique. The Savoy Hotel Rotterdam is a four-star hotel with 95 hotel rooms in various sizes, from compact to wonderfully spacious with a balcony and a phenomenal view of the well-known Markthal. The “Piet le Blanc Suite” is a cherry on the cake. This is located in the basement of the Savoy Hotel and is named after Piet le Blanc (1921 – 1966), the characteristic jazz saxophonist from Rotterdam who was also known as “the Saxman”. This 70 m2 suite is suitable for 4 to 6 people and has a large flat screen TV of 1.60 wide and a digital surround sound system. In addition, a day shop, SAVOY Local, has been added to the hotel to create more liveliness on the ground floor, and the neighborhood is more than welcome here.

Robèr Willemsen

Robèr Willemsen argued in his speech not only for more respect for entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry and in particular in the hotel industry, but he also spoke about the business climate that prevails with current labor legislation. Willemsen expressed concern about the WAB that will take effect on January 1, 2020. According to the chairman of KHN, this new law is not going to make things any easier for entrepreneurs within the hospitality and hotel industry, as an increase in labor costs of at least 3% is expected. An increase in the tourist tax also does not benefit the Dutch hotel industry. According to Robèr Willemsen, the Netherlands praises itself by raising this tax and will therefore have a counterproductive effect that will not benefit the entrepreneurs.

About Eden Hotels

Eden Hotels is a real Dutch family business that has been providing local experiences and lasting memories since 1947. A group of thirteen unique city hotels where not only all the basics are in order, but also hospitality and pleasure are the most important pillars. Stubborn, personal, fresh and unique: that’s how all Eden Hotels are characterized. The hotel group consists of the American Hotel Amsterdam, The Lancaster Hotel Amsterdam, Eden Hotel Amsterdam, The Manor Amsterdam, City Hotel Hengelo, Crown Hotel Eindhoven, Holiday Inn Eindhoven, Babylon Hotel The Hague, Designhotel Maastricht, City Hotel Groningen, Oranje Hotel Leeuwarden, The ED Amsterdam and the Savoy Hotel Rotterdam.